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Welcome to FindMoreRoom.com, your source for information on all manner of storage products. Whether you need a way to store and organize things in the kitchen, bedroom, basement, or garage – we have you covered. FindMoreRoom.com offers general information on a variety of ways to creatively organize and store things, so you can get your home and stuff under control. And we provide detailed storage product reviews and comparisons, so that when you are looking to tame your mess you can make an informed decision.

Kitchen Storage

kitchen storageThe kitchen is probably the room in the majority of homes that will benefit by adding storage solutions. That is because kitchens are filled with items of varying sizes and purposes that need to be on-hand but not in the way.

Food storage is one of the primary needs in most kitchens – ways to orderly store condiments and ingredients before preparation, and leftovers after the meal is done. With the right pantry storage systems in place you can avoid being buried by food waiting to be prepared, and having the proper airtight containers will help you keep your leftovers ready for reuse.

Dishes and utensils also need a home in a well-organized kitchen. To do that there are trays, racks, shelves, and carts to keep your kitchen clutter free.

Utility is not the only factor to consider when evaluating kitchen storage solutions. Organization can be decoration, and many beautiful kitchens show off their herbs and spices in decorative jars and containers to enhance their visual appeal. The same goes for dishes – if you have beautiful or rustic pots and pans, you might want to store them out in the open to free up space and set the tone in your cooking space.

Closet Storage

closet storage systemClothes have a way of accumulating and taking up all available space. It doesn’t seem to matter how spartan you are with your wardrobe – eventually your closet will be busting at the seams.

The solution to shoe and clothing creep is a properly organized closet. There are a variety of closet storage systems available to help you make the most out of your usable space. The best ones allow for variable configurations, meaning they can adjust to fit your life and space, rather than the other way around.

Hanging storage is perfect to get some items up off the floor and into an organized array. Things like shoes, belts, scarfs, and ties all need a home if you are going to keep the overflow out of your bedroom. And plenty of accessory storage systems are out there to make sure everything is decent and in order among the components of your wardrobe.

In some cases where closet space is at a premium – or even non-existent – you need to turn to non-traditional solutions to give your clothes or bedding a home. Under-bed storage containers can give you extra space when you need it, and so can hope chests and other free-standing bedroom storage options.

Bedroom closets are not the only ones that need help – utility closets, hallway closets, coat rooms, and linen closets also can get overwhelmed with stuff. Thankfully there are some very ingenious storage systems (like entryway storage benches, for example) that can keep your brooms, mops, towels, sheets, overcoats, and mud boots neatly and safely stored.

Garage Storage

garage storage systemsPeople that do not have a garage often are envious of others who get to store their cars inside. While that is a tremendous benefit – especially in colder climates – the reality is many people with a one or two car garage cannot store their vehicles in it because their garage is too full of stuff.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of systems available that can safely store your stuff and still leave space for your car.

Hoist systems are one such solution – there are hoists for storing canoes, kayaks, bikes and other large garage dwellers safely up on the wall or ceiling and out of the way. You will be amazed at how much space you will gain by lifting a few large items. There are even unique systems like jeep top hoists and jeep door hangers that can securely give you back valuable floor space.

Overhead garage storage racks are another option to keep items in your garage stored out of the way.

Smalls also take up a lot of room in most garages. Tools are one type of small item that can be easily stored in a good tool chest or above a work bench on a peg board. There are also jars and containers for screws, bolts, nuts, connectors, washers, and all the other little things that need to be kept in a way that can be found again.

Larger items like rakes, brooms, shovels, and garden tools also clutter many garages. There are wall hangers and free-standing racks that can keep all your hand tools at hand but out of the way.

Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage solutionsThe bathroom is an important room any home, and most of them serve a number of different purposes beyond just housing a toilet. Sinks, tubs, and showers all require soaps, shampoos, shavers, and scrub brushes to serve their purposes. And all of that stuff has to be kept somewhere that will not impede their use.

Bathrooms often double as the home for cleaning supplies, which means that most will benefit from under-cabinet storage solutions. Some also do duty as the laundry room, so that calls for an entirely different set of storage needs.

But do not fear – there are devices available that can help you keep laundry soap, towels (like towel warmers and bathroom towel racks), cotton balls and Q-Tips stored (and in some cases displayed) in ways that will restore functionality to your restroom. Shower caddies are a good example of this.

And those are just a few places in the typical home that will benefit from storage solutions. Attics and art rooms, cellars and sewing rooms – all have unique storage requirements. And at FindMoreRoom.com we cover them all.