About FindMoreRoom.com

I grew up in an old farmhouse that sat on about 140 acres in the northeast. The house was huge – 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry den, 2 porches, sewing room, shop, furnace room, attic, basement, an equipment shed, and an attached barn.

The square footage available to my parents was really significant, but for some reason many of the rooms seemed to struggle with clutter. The writing desk in the corner of the dining room was always stacked with papers, and my father’s den and workshop always seemed over stuffed with stuff. And my mother’s sewing room – well, some things are not polite to discuss.

What it really came down to was not too just a matter of too much stuff – it many cases it was lack of proper organization that kept that large house feeling small limiting.

When I got out on my own I had very little stuff. In my first apartment the back seat of my Jeep Wrangler was my living room couch, and my TV sat on the floor. But I soon found that over time people accumulate things, and those things all need room.

Things escalated when my wife came on the scene. She is an artist, which means supplies and portfolio items added to the mix. Then we had kids, and our available space began to diminish daily. They seem to outgrow clothing while you watch, but you don’t want to get rid of any of it in case you have another kid and want to reuse some of the clothes. Soon I found myself in the same space scramble that had plagued my parents.

my library shelvesBut necessity is the mother of invention, which is how I came to be interested in storage solutions. I wasn’t blessed with the same square footage my parents had, which means I had to take additional steps to maximize the room I did have to accommodate the needs of my family. The shelves on the right were one early attempt I made at adding order to chaos in our home.

But as I moved forward in life, I found there were a lot of options that didn’t require carpentry skills. FindMoreRoom.com is born out of that search, and hopefully you will benefit from the fruit of my research.

I hope you find the posts on this site useful, and share in my fascination for storage. And if you have an interesting trick or tip for gaining more space, please share it.